Comeback mack

Andy Mahr

Comeback Mack

Comeback Mack, recounts how Andy Mahr’s daughter MacKenzie, a high school volleyball player who also plays on a national team, sustained two extremely painful and season-ending injuries separated by only a few months.

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John Blais

Bowery Mission

While wandering Manhattan’s Bowery district in the search of stories, John Blais met a stylish senior from the Midwest who told him how she fell in love with New York during visits to the city with her husband.

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Tropical Fruit Still Life

Michael Maes

Harvest Time

Inspired by the natural beauty of seasonal fresh produce, Harvest Time is a series that celebrates the color, shape and texture of each season. Designed to inspire the appetite, and engage the eye, Mike highlights the fresh ingredients in generous arrangements that look deceptively casual and approachable.

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