Schumann & Company represents a select award-winning group of photographer/directors from across North America. For Patti Schumann, it all starts with images that are distinct, stunning and provocative. With a solid reputation for her intelligence, integrity and trust, Patti is recognized for her commitment to deliver smart and innovative solutions with extraordinary work from artists at the top of their fields.

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More than 25 years of experience have informed her unique perspective and insight for problem-solving. Patti is a thoughtful listener and conceptual thinker, able to quickly prioritize a timely and efficient plan for a project’s best outcome. She is highly engaged in each and every project from concept through completion. Her collaborative spirit brings out the best in all and delivers results that are mutually valued by both client and artist.

As she guides projects and builds partnerships, Patti’s collaborative relationships have benefitted from her passion about the work and her upbeat approach. She also shares her insights and experience as an agent and consultant to guide and mentor developing talent while tirelessly promoting industry standards and best practices in the profession.


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Over three decades, Patti’s discerning eye has helped photographers grow personally and professionally as they navigate their careers. With a clear understanding of the creative process, she curates and defines a creator’s visual strength with candor and sensitivity. Whether a student, an emerging photographer/director or a seasoned pro, Patti takes a different approach to consulting. She starts by asking significant personal questions and quickly drills down to the most essential needs, goals and interests of each client.

As a consultant, Patti specializes in the development of strategic marketing plans for commercial photographer/directors. Additional services include photo editing for portfolios, websites and web portals; portfolio sequencing and design; as well as seminars and workshops for professional associations, colleges and universities.

Patti has reviewed portfolios at Photo Expo, NY footwork, PSPF, APA/Chicago, ASMP/SE Film and Photo conference. She has spoken on photography industry panels, and headlined her own ASMP and APA talks in Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston and LA. She has been interviewed on standards and best business practices for the photo industry. She has served as a judge for Food Photo Affair and other honors.

Patti has taught the senior portfolio class at Columbia College Chicago, as well as spoken on panels, mentored and served as guest lecturer, including, but not limited to SCAD, SAIC, University of Houston and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has also served on the boards of the ADC Houston, CAR and was a founding board member of AIGA’s Austin chapter.

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While teaching, I reached out to Patti on numerous occasions to teach portfolio development classes or to enlist her keen eye and wonderful mentoring style for student portfolio reviews. She is kind, thoughtful, nurturing, compassionate and always constructive in her criticism and very skillful in the pagination of work. She brought to the academic setting a real world experience that students so desperately need, as well as her vast knowledge of business skills needed to survive in a very competitive industry.

Elizabeth Ernst

Professor Emeritus, Columbia College Chicago

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me at the Palm Springs Photo Festival Portfolio Review. You were the first to suggest that I incorporate more texture into my work. Your suggestion was spot on. I had a photoshoot on the Friday following the week of reviews that included interiors with details and I really enjoyed incorporating texture into the set of images. Your feedback was very impactful. Thank you so much. You are greatly appreciated.


Commercial photographer reviewed at PSPF

Patti has been a mentor for me from day one. I have seen with my own eyes the transformation of portfolio books, treatments, websites, you name it. When Patti makes her edit, she thoroughly reconstructs each project to be strong, clear and dynamic. She gets the job done. She is thorough and passionate, always giving her 100% to each client.

Annie Denten

Intern and Social Media Coordinator, Schumann & Company

Patti Schumann has an extraordinary professional listening ability. Clients always come with a bundle of needs; creative priorities, budget limitations and speed expectations. She never assumes the priority, but co-creates in a way that leaves everyone, client and artist feeling heard and happy with the plan and outcome.

Liz Miller-Gershfeld

Energy BBDO

Let’s face it, the world is dominated by people who run their business thinking, what’s in it for me.” I’m happy to say Patti Schumann is not one of these people. In the 10+ years I’ve known Patti, she has freely shared her vast industry knowledge to any photographer willing to listen. Patti has donated her most precious asset, time, to help educate the next generation of visual communicators. And in the process, she has helped create a more vibrant commercial photography industry. Whenever we have asked Patti for help, she has said yes, and the APA organization is extremely grateful.

Steve Brooks

APA Past President, Chicago Chapter

Patti has a unique repping style. She is perhaps the nicest, most sincere and authentic agent I’ve worked with, but in no way a pushover — she knows how to be tough when the situation calls for it. A great collaborator, she knows what the word teamwork” means. She knows how to get shit done, and she knows how to bring out the best in everyone. Her enthusiasm and love for the industry is apparent in everything she does; a ray of sunshine in our competitive, dog-eat-dog industry.

Claudia Coffman