Stephanie Bassos

Covid Painting


When the world shut down in March 2020, Stephanie Bassos stayed home with her two boys (4‑months and 3‑years-old.) Her jobs were canceled and she had to find new and creative ways to entertain her kids. She decided to roll out one of her 4.5 x 12 foot white photo backdrops for her 3‑year-old to draw on. He got markers, paint and crayons, and she sat and watched him.Being the 3‑year-old he was, he started painting his arms and legs and looked at Stephanie for approval. At that point, she was too exhausted to argue so she just let him go to town. She turned on some Led Zeppelin, and he ended up dumping paint all over the paper, using his feet and hands to rub it in and dance to the music. He had the best time and Mom was having fun as well. When they were done, she asked him to lay on top of it and take a picture. He asked to paint the next day and Stephanie decided to see if new music would change his style. She never helped him except by opening the lids of the paint.

She bought ALL the washable paint she could find. He learned that you can combine colors to make other colors. They were both having a blast, and photographing him while doing it was giving Stephanie a creative project to shoot. Every day was a new genre of music that she would talk to him about. He loved Hip-hop, Dolly Parton, and Minor Threat. They got into such a great routine of painting during her youngest’s nap time, and then rinsing in the tub. He would paint himself as different characters with the colors, and he imagined himself ice skating on the paper. Hearing his imagination run wild along with the music was truly incredible. With the mess, we’re amazed they did it so many times, but they’ve given Stephanie some of her most favorite memories. Stephanie saved the 12 foot paintings, and photographed them in her studio.

Looking back at this, Stephanie remembers this as the project that saved her sanity. Having something to look forward to and the moments they shared while he painted, was something she needed so badly during such a stressful time.

Old Country
Classic Rock