Stephanie Bassos

Colors of the Rainbow

Years ago while studying in Italy, Stephanie took a photo class with an instructor who emphasized the importance of having a camera with you at all times. She took that advice and traveled as much as possible, completely engrossed in all things new-buildings, walls, windows, train stations, passengers, life in general.

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In childhood, her favorite color was burgundy, and in her current work, you can see that palette and color is integral to her vision. Burnt orange, eggplant, blues and greens, ” I am drawn to unique colors. Colors that defy definition, colors where I ask myself,” what would you call that color?” I like when colors are in places you wouldn’t expect them to be. A bright yellow balloon stuck in a tree against a blue sky. A bar bathroom painted an offensively bright shade of orange. Bright red hair laying against a yellow shirt. Why? Because they make me feel something. I’m mesmerized by found color combinations.”

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Stephanie loves when color is found in the wild, and she’s skilled at introducing it into her collaborative works as well. She enjoys combing through the wardrobe that talent brings to set, seeing what treasures and palette they feel most comfortable in their own skin. Often, and especially for portraits, this influences her image palette starting point. Sometimes the colors just choose her, other times she draws from color combinations she’s familiar with, and sometimes it’s complete experimentation and happy accidents.

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However the use of color is introduced, it influences the texture, mood, depth, energy and personality of her captures Whether simple or complex, her clients are drawn to the way her images speak to a viewer, and the emotions and feelings of familiarity they carry with them.

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