Michael Maes

From Tabletop to Mountaintop

If you have been to Maesstudio.com, you’ve no doubt been immersed in a visual cornucopia of mouth-watering images laced with a delectable combination of color, texture, and sculpted light. If you follow Maes Studio on Instagram, you witness a window into his love for the outdoors and adventure, a departure that recharges him creatively and influences his studio work in a variety of ways.

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Since I was a kid, I’ve always been a sucker for old-school mountain man stories. Now I can say I’ve survived multiple backcountry trips on foot, on horse, in a canoe, in snow, in rain, in punishing sun — throughout the US and Canadian wilderness.” Having these experiences makes you a little less likely to worry when you suddenly have to change a backdrop mid-shoot and start the day over. No one’s going to suffer hypothermia if you go into a little OT. In the wilderness, you are a million miles away from everything and when you get away from it all, there is room for your mind to explore.”

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But it’s not just the recharge” that attracts Mike and his family to the outdoors, he has a vested interest in the preservation of the land and all it has to offer. I want to pass on an appreciation for the outdoors and a commitment to help preserve these parks. Our son has about 20 Junior Ranger badges from state and national parks we’ve visited over the years. I’m worried about our shrinking natural habitats and I want to spend as much time in nature while we can. He supports several organizations and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, whose conservation efforts set aside hundreds of thousands of acres annually to maintain public access to all outdoor pursuits, including but not limited to hunting.

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When not in the studio, Mike and his family are planning where they’ll venture next! This past winter they enjoyed cross-country skiing in Yellowstone and surfing in Costa Rica. Up next are New Mexico, Colorado, and traversing the Chilean mountains in South America! Stepping away to see different parts of the world is a way for me to reset and come back to the studio refreshed with a new set of experiences to draw from!”

See more of Michael’s unique captures at Maestudio.com and on Instagram at @maesstudio.