John Blais

Charleston Public Housing


Needing to escape the four walls of his home during Covid, John Blais went out for a bike ride and came across a few kids in the street near Charleston Public Housing who were trying to fry eggs on the road in the heat of the day. 

A woman looked at him and said Keep on going”, clearly not wanting anything to do with him. He continued on, but was compelled to return. He expressed honestly his sadness about how the pandemic was affecting human connection and interaction. John pulled out his camera and asked if he could take some photos of the kids having fun. While reluctant at first, she couldn’t resist his playful nature and sincere interest in her and her family.

JBP01240 1

While keeping a safe distance, John shared some images with the kids and their moms. Barriers came down, laughs were abundant and trust was gained. John plans to go back and photograph the family again.